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100 Mil-spec High Temp.wire Cable 16 Gauge Orange Tefzel M2275916-16-3 5
Judd Wire Bms13-48t08c01g012 12awg Tefzelxl-etfe 150c600v Lead Wire Wht 100ft
Belden Wire 85231 162c Tefzeletfe Insul.-tefzeletfe Jacket 150c Clear 20ft
Judd Wire Bms13-48t10c01g014 14awg Tefzelxl-etfe 150c600v Lead Wire Wht 100ft
Judd Wire Bms13-48t10c01g016 16awg Tefzelxl-etfe 150c600v Lead Wire Wht 100ft
Belden Wire 85103 163c 16awg 3 Cabled Cond. Tefzeletfe Insul. 150c Clear 20ft
Tefzel 14 Awg Red Black 35 Ft Each 70 Feet Total Mil Spec
Raychem 55pc1131-12-246-9 123c Shielded Etfetefzel Cable White 150c 50ft
20 Ft 20 Awg Etfe Tefzel Dual Mil-spec Silver Plated Stranded Wire Aircraft
50ft Mil-spec High Temp 200c 16 Gauge Black Ptfe M2275986-16-67 Silvertefzel
10 Belden 85240 3 Conductor 20 Gauge Shielded Etfe Tefzel Cable 3c 20awg
Tefzel 18 Gauge Airframe Mil-w2275934-18. 100feet
M2275916-20  20 Awg. Stranded White Tefzel Ins.  500 Ft. Spool Airframe Wire
10 Ft 12 Awg Etfe Tefzel Twisted Pair Mil-spec Silver Plated Wire M27500-12sp2u0
20 Ft 30 Awg Gauge Etfe Tefzel Silver Plated Copper Wire Solid Green Ul 1513
3-wire Connector With Tefzel Cable For Toyota Turn Light Signal Plug 90980-11020
Raytheon Corp Tefzel Wire 25 Foot Mil-spec M22759 White 24-awg 1936 Stranded
Hewlett Packard Rheodyne Tefzel Etfe Rotor Seal 1535-4900 7010-071
Rheodyne Tefzel 2-groove Rotor Seal For 7010-83 Sample Injector 0241-071
15 Conductor Tefzel Coil Cord
22 Conductor 24awg Tefzel Coil Cord
M2275916-22-9 White 22 Ga.19 Strd.tefzel Airframe Wire 1000 Ft. Spool
16 Gauge Tefzel Airframe Wire Mil 2275934-16 100 Foot Roll
500 Roll Anxiter Wire Mil-w-22759 16-20-6 20awg Blue 600v Tefzel Insulated
Markel 26 Awg 7 X 34 Copper Etfe Tefzel 5000 Feet Tinned White
Pan-ty Locking Cable Tie 11.6 295mm Length Tefzel Aqua. Quantity 100
Panduit Plt4h-l76 Cable Tie 14-58 Aqua Blue Tefzel Lot Package Of 50
New 3600 M27500-24tg2t14 Shielded Aircraft Wire Mil-spec 2c 24awg Etfe Tefzel
Alpha 1805 - 30 Awg - Solid Spc Ofhc - Tefzel - Red Blue Black
Tefzel Etfe Fluoropolymer Clz20 Cementable 2 Sides .002x24x 5 Linear Feet
Panduit Plt2i-m76 Aqua Blue Tefzel 8 Cable Ties 1000ct - Nos
Panduit Plt4h-l76 Aqua Blue Tefzel 14-12 Heavy Cable Ties 50ct - Nos
Aircraft Wire Tefzel Dual Wall 18 Awg
50 Mil-spec 26-awg Silver Plated Electrical Wire 19strand Green-tefzel Us-sell
24awg Solid Tefzel Hookup 25 White Wire Wrap Wire 1808
100 Ft - Alpha 1806 Tefzel Wire Wrap Solid Silver Plated Ofhc Copper - New
85168 Belden Controlinstrumentation Cable Tefzel Insulat 20awg Strand 8 Pair
Tefzel Hard Wall Tubing Pk6 Justrite 28188
New 3900 Ft. M2275918-10-9 Mil Spec Aircraft Wire 10 Awg 1c Etfe Tefzel
115 Feet Ms2275918-24-0 Mil-spec Etfe Tefzel 24-awg Black Stranded Wire
100 Ft Alpha 1808 Tefzel White Wire Wrap 24 Awg Solid Silver Plated Ofhc Copper
100 Ft Tefzel 4 Awg Teflon Coated Stranded Aviation Grade Wire M2275916-4
Tefzel Clear Film Etfe .002x9x12 Type Clz Bondable 1 Side Teflon 15760-160
Idex Tefzel Tubing Material 116 X 0.020 X 5ft. -- 1516 -- New
Agilent 0100-1854 Tefzel Rotor Seal
Belden 85164 368100 Cable 204p Shielded Etfe Tefzel High Temperature Wire 100
Panduit Plt1m-m76 Aqua Blue Tefzel 3-78 Cable Ties 1000ct
M2275916-18-9 Mil-spec Tefzel Wire 18awg White Unshielded Lot Of 1000 Ft
Etfe Tefzel Film .002 X 21 Wide Clear Matte Finish By The Foot
Tefzel Film Type Lz Etfe .002x40x96 Non Bondable Transparent Teflon 15759-75
M2275916-12-0 Black 12 Ga.tefzel Airframe Wire  25 Ft Hank .89ft.
Panduit Plt2s-c76 Plt2s-m76 Tefzel Aqua Cable Tie 50eabag
Sea M2275916-8-0 Black Wire Tefzel 8 Awg Silver Plated Mil-spec Cable 2190 Ft.
New 5600 M27500-16tg1t14 Shielded Aircraft Wire Mil-spec 1c 16awg Etfe Tefzel
Eskigent 910-00075 Nut Flanged Tefzel 14-28 For Express Rt Sampling Module
Bag 28 Tefzel Natural Color Grommet Strips 12.75 Long 0.136 Inside Width New
New 200 M2275916-4-9 Mil Spec Aviation Non-shielded Wire 4 Awg Etfe Tefzel Te
Tefzel Film Type Lz Etfe .005x12x16 Ft Non Bondable Fluoropolymer 15571-9
New 1100 M2275916-10-9 Mil Spec Aviation Non-shielded Wire 10 Awg Etfe Tefzel
Surpass Tefzel Quick Disconnect 34 Npt Chemical Ultra Pure Safety Fitting
New Upchurch Idex 1529 Tubing Tefzel Natural 116 X 0.010 X 5ft Length
New Rheodyne 7010-071 Tefzel Rotor 7010071
Gilson 49041011p Ferrule 116 Blue P-200x Tefzel New
Mil Spec M27500-12te2u00 High Temperature Aircraft Cable Tefzel 10ft. Per Sale
Belden 85168 208pr Tefzel Etfe Control Cable 100 Ft
1000ft Alpha 1808 Tefzel Wire Wrap Solid Silver Kynar
Western Analyticalupchurch 10pk 18 Tefzel Flangeless Ferrules Hplc
Tefzel Hard Wall Tubing Pk6 Justrite 28189
Bio-rad 7500483 750-0483 50l Tefzel Single Injection Sample Loop
New 820 M27500-12tg3t14 Shielded Aircraft Wire Mil Spec 12awg 3c Etfe Tefzel
Panduit Pan-ty Cable Ties Pct3s-c76 Bag Of 100 Aqua Blue Tefzel 11-12 Long New
Goulds 3 Hp Tefzel Centrifugal Pump 1x3-7 230460 Vac 95 Gpm Model 3298
New Rubadue T30b19t6-2t30b19t6xx-2 Tefzel Etfe 30awg690210m 1500v155c
Justrite Hard Wall Tubingtefzelpk6 28188
Idex Tubing Tefzel 116 X 0.020 X 5ft. -- 1516 -- New
New 785 M2275916-4-9 Mil Spec Aviation Non-shielded Wire 4awg Etfe Tefzel Te
Alpha Wire Corp 30 Solid Silver Plated Ofhc Tefzel 1805
Belden 85231 1100 Ft 2 Conductor 16 Awg Stranded Tc Conductors Tefzel 100 Cover
Belden 85231 16 Awg 2c Fs 19x29 Strand Tefzel Ctrlinstrumentation Cable
Bag Of 110 Natural Tefzel Grommet Strips 12.75 Long 0.06 Inside Width New
New 1650 M2275916-10-9 Mil Spec Aviation Non-shielded Wire 10awg Efte Tefzel
New 1700 M2275916-8-9 Mil Spec Aviation Non-shielded Wire 8awg Etfe Tefzel Te
Upchurch - Idex P-300 Flangeless Ferrule 18 Tefzel Yellow Pack Of 100
Alpha 1806 Solid Silver Plated Ofhc Tefzel 28 White Approximately 300ft.
New Itt Cam-line Ball Valve Tefzel Plastic Lined 4 Class 150 250 Cwp