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Anode Layer Ion Source Plasma Sputtering With Machining Irregularities
Sputter Coating System - Ten 3 Magnetrons Dry Pump Ac Dc Power Supplies
Spi-module Control Sputter Coater And Carbon Coater Mod 11425 11428 11430
Rhodium Nickel Iron Sputter Target Rhnife 63.8333.2 Wt 50mmx1mm
Ruthenium Sputter Target Ru 99.95 2.00 Diameter X 2mm Thick Surface Flaws
New Lot Of 10 Gold Sputter Target Au 99.99 D57mm T0.1mm
Bio-rad Polaron E6700 Turbo Vacuum Coating Sputter Evaporation Bell Jar Coater
Angstrom Sciences Sputtering Cathode Part For Denton Vacuum Explorer 14 Dc
Technics Hummer Vi Sputtering System Sem Sputter - Ec31
Sputter With Various Accessories
Advanced Energy Ae Ascent Ams 30k 30kw Dc Sputtering Power Supply 31520003-100
Refurbished Adl Dc Plasma Sputtering Power Supply Gx-150800 15kw 800vdc 38a
Technics Hummer Hum 11 Sputtering System Sem Sputter
Advanced Energy Mdx 500 Dc Sputter Power Supply 3152361-001 A
Delta Sputter Target Al 99.999 Degreased And Vacuum Sealed 200mm X 0.25
Perkin Elmer 2400 Sputtering System 2400-8sa Sputter Coater
Mdc Vacuum Chamber Sputter Aja Atc 3400-h Frame With Hoist
Scandium Sputter Target 4.00 Diameter X 0.125 Thick 99.995 Pure
Us Gun Ae Advanced Energy Mdx 1k Dc Sputter Power Supplies Vacuum Amat 1kw 110v
Edwards E306 Sputter Coater With Vacuum Pump
Materials Research Corporation Eclipse Sputtering A122094 Wafer Chuck Rf Cylin
Austin Scientific Deposition Sputtering Cti Cryogenic Cryo Torr 8 Vacuum Pump
Angstrom Sciences Sputtering Cathode With Aluminum Target 8 X 3
Manganese Iridium Sputter Target 99.8 Pure 2 Diameter X 0.125 Thick
Rectangle Magnetic Sputter Cathode For 19 Inch X2.9 Inch Target
Sem Sputter Coater Unit Ps3 Polaron Ps100 Power Supply Gold Carbon Applicator
6 Inch Diameter Round Sputter Gun
Cryotorr Veeco Ion Beam Optical Thin Film Deposition Sputtering System Spector
Sputter Vacuum Chamber Assembly 14 300mm With Industrial Devices Cvc001 Drive
Kurdex Mrs-3 Thin Film Coater 3-beam Confocal Research Pvd Sputtering System
Technics Hummer V Sputtering System Sputter Coater As-is
Quorum Technologies Emitech K250 Sputter Coater System Controller Used Working
Technics Hummer Hum Ii Vent System Sputtering System Sem Sputter
Aja Int. Platinum Sputtering Target 99.95 Pure 1.5 Diameter X 0.125 Thick
Advanced Energy Mdx 2226-000-f Magnetron Drive Power Supply - Sputtering Systems
Cvc 601 Sputtering Deposition System Sputter With Cryo Torr 8f High Vacuum Pump
Aja International Sputter Cathode
Advanced Energy Mdx 1k Dc Magnetron Sputtering Power Supply
Aci Alloys Rhenium Re 99.9 Sputtering Target 2.0 Dia X 0.125 Thick
Delta Sputter Target Ti 99.995 Degreased And Vacuum Sealed 300mm X 0.25
Sputter Coater   38
Advanced Energy Mdx500 Dc Sputtering Power Supply 6 Month Warranty
Titanium Nitride High-purity Sputter Target Tin 99.9 3 Dia X 0.125 Bonded
Varian High Vacuum Sputtering Coating System 3125 S-guns Substrate Planetary
Ytterbium Sputter Target 99.9 Pure Ytrem 3.00 Diameter X 0.25 Thick
Balzers Unaxis Lls 502 Load Block Metal Film Pvd Sputtering System Used Working
Iridium Manganese Sputter Target Irmn 2278 At 99.9 Pure 2 D X 18 Thick
Trumpf Huttinger Pfg 1000 Rf Generator Power Supply Sputtering Magnetron 1kw Gen
Trumpf Huttinger Pfg 5000 Rf Generator Power Supply Sputtering Magnetron 5kw Gen
Edwards Sputter Coater S150b
Eni Oem-50n-11601 13.56 Mhz Rf Plasma Generator Solid State For Sputter Chamber
Polaron Ems 7620 Mini Sputter Coater
Advanced Energy Mdx-2.5k Dc Sputter Power Supply - 2224-006-b
Materials Research Corporation Mrc 643 Sputtering System
Anode Layer Ion Source Plasma Sputtering Thin Film Deposition
Advanced Energy Mdx-1k Dc Sputtering Power Supply
Advanced Energy Ae Mdx 2.5 2500w Dc Sputtering Power Supply Single Phase Amat
Anatech Hummer 8 Desktop Sputtering System
Indium Sputtering Target .25 W Copper Backing
Anatech Hummer Vi-a Sputtering System Cdsl
Mrc Materials Research A120024 Table Top Sputtering System Remote Eclipse Used
Adtec Ts-30 Rf Plasma Generator 30000w 30kw 13.56mhz For Sputtering Source
New Gold Sputter Target Au 99.99 D57mm T0.1mm
Applied Materials Endura 5500 Pvd Sputtering System
Sem Sputter Target Ptpd 8020 Wt 99.95 Pure 57mm Diameter X 0.5mm Thick
International Scientific Instrument Ps-2 Coating Unit Sputter Coater
Leybold Haereous Z660 Deposition Sputtering
Aja Platinum Sputtering Target 99.95 Pure 1.5 Diameter X 0.125 Thick
Leybold Balzers Zh620 Corona Sputtering System - Fully Operational - Spares
Materials Research Corporation Mrc 603 Sputtering System Sputter System
Perkin Elmer 4400 Sputtering System
Oxford Plasmalab System 400 Sputter Coater
Plasma-preen With Gas Control Panel Etching Sputtering Cleaning Semi-conductor
Planar Magnetron Sputtering Magnet Sierra Applied Sciences Patent 5262026. 2
Custom Sputtering System W 5 Sputtering Source 1 Evaporation Source
Denton Vacuum Desk-1 Cold Sputter Etch Unit
3648 Sputtering Materials Inc. Pn 03069440002-a Boundment Backing Plate Rnd 4
Tantalum Sputtering Target 3.00 Diameter X 0.250 Thick- 99.95 Pure
Adl Dc Plasma Sputtering Power Supply Gx-150800 15kw 800vdc 38a Out 400v In
Advanced Energy Mdx 2.5k Dc Sputtering Power Supply 3152224-039a Nordiko
3.0 Nm Hitachi S-3200h Sem Scanning Electronic Microscope Emitech Sputtering
Amat 0010-01994 Rev.001 Magnet Assembly Pvd Endura Sputter Chamber. 417376
Honeywell 037-0173-25 Sputtering Target 300mm New
Huttinger Tig 60 Dc Plasma Sputtering Controller
Amat 0200-09085 Shield 100mm Sputter Etch. 415254
Edwardss150b Sputter Coater With Edwards 2 Vacuum Pump
Mrc Materials Research Corp A120024 Sputtering System Remote Stand Rev. B Used
Pelco Cc-7a Sem Carbon Coater Sputter Model 9602
Benchtop Sputtering System W Edwards Ts57w1001 T-stationrv3 Pump Grant Tc120
Advanced Energy Mdx 10k Dc Magnetron Sputtering Power Supply Tag 82
Super Conductor Material Pzt Pb1.1zr0.20 Ti0.80 O3 Wla 1wt Sputtering Target
Anatech Hummer Vi-a Sputtering System
00-680909-00 Ram Bellows Assypressure Plate Sputter Novellus Systems Inc
Nikko 13 Nicr Nickle-chrome Circular Sputtering Target Backing Plate 17102-00
Anode Layer Ion Source Plasma Sputtering Veeco Kaufman Commonwealth Uhv Vacuum
Applied Materials 0010-76306 Bearing Assy. Sputter Amat Etch
Planar Magnetron Sputtering Magnet Sierra Applied Sciences Patent 5262026. 3
Ladd 30800 Sputter Coater With Power Supply
Planar Magnetron Sputtering Magnet Sierra Applied Sciences Patent 5262028. 1
Kurt J Lesker Pvd 75 Sputtering Sys - Physical Vapor Deposition Of Thin Film