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Phase Objective

Zeiss Microscope Ph3 Objective Neofluar 100x Phase Contrast 160mm
Zeiss Plan Apo 63x Objective 1.4na Phase 3 Ncg
Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Phaco Npl 16x 0.40 170- Microscope Objective Phase Contrast
Ao 45x 0.66 Dark Phase Contrast Microscope Objective American Optical 1226
Fisher Microscope Plan Phase Contrast Infinity Objective Set 102040100x New
Set Phase Condenser W Plan 1600.17 Objective Telescope For Compound Microscope
Olympus Aplanat Achromat Phase Contrast Kit- 4 Objectives 1.4 Na Condenser Ct
Nikon 100x Phase Objective - Free Shipping Within United States - Mrl21903
Olympus Lcplanfl 60x Phase Objective For The Ix Ckx Series Inverteds
Objective Dark Phase Reichert Usa Microscope Optics As Is Binr6-b-16
Bristoline 40x D.m Phase Objective N.y Seller
Leitz Phaco 40x Na0.65 Phase Contrast Objective Lens - Excellent Condition
 Leitz Condenser W Phase Diaphragm Iris Tip Away Top Objective Hg
Zeiss Microscope 100x Achromat Phase Contrast Ph2 Objective 160mm Tl
Leica Phase Contrast Kit W Phase Condenser 4 Objectives
Zeiss Microscope 16x Plan Achromat Phase Contrast Ph2 Objective 160mm Tl
Nikon Phase Contrast Kit--very Clean 4 Objectives Condenser And More
Zeiss Microscope Planapo 63x 1.4 Oil Phase 3 160mm Objective Lens
Zeiss Neofluar 63x Ph3 Phase Contrast Microscope Objective With Collar 160mm
Zeiss 40x Ph2 W Phase Contrast Microscope Objective Water Immersion 160mm
Aus Jena Hi 100x 1.25 Phv 160 Dual Phase Contrast Microscope Objective
Zeiss Plan Neofluar 16x Ph2 Imm Phase Contrast Microscope Objective 440531
Olympus Bh2 Microscope Objective A10 Pl Phase Contrast  12505
Olympus Splan 10x Pl Phase Low Contrast Microscope Objective
Leica Microscope Hc Plan Apo 20x0.70 Ph2 Phase Objective Lens
Nikon Cfi Ph1 Dl 10x 0.25 Infinity Phase Microscope Objective
Zeiss Microscope Plan-neofluar 40x0.75 Phase 2 Objective
Phase Contrast Set For Compound Microscope W Three Condensersthree Objectives
Nikon 40x Lwd Phase Infinity Microscope Objective
Nikon 100x 1.25 160 0.17 Ph4 Dl Microscope Objective Phase Contrast
Leitz Wetzlar 170- 100.25 Phase Contrast Objective Lens For Cx21 Ch Ch-2
Olympus Lcplanfl 20x Fluorite Ph1 Phase Objective For Ix Bx Microscope
Zeiss Plan-neofluar 100x 1.30 Oil Ph3 Phase Microscope Objective 1031-171
Wild Swiss Objective Phase 40x Ph Fluotar Microscope Part Optics 75-b-29
Wild Heerbrugg Swiss Objective Phase Ph 20x Microscope Part Optics As Is 85-63
Nikon 10x Ph1 Dll Phase Objective
Nikon Microscope Objectives Plan 4x0.1 Dll Phase Contrast 10x0.30 20x0.40
Wild Heerbrugg 10x0.40 Ph Phase Microscope Objective Excellent Condition
Wild Swiss Objective Phase 10x Ph Fluotar Microscope Part Optics 75-b-28
Nikon Phase Contrast 40x Ph3 Dl Lwd Microscope Objective Nice
Olympus Lcach 40x Php Phase Contrast Microscope Objective
Nikon 20x Ph2 Dl Phase Microscope Objective 160mm Collar Optiphot Labophot
Nikon 60x1.40 Oil Plan Apo Ph4 Dm Microscope Objective 160mm Phase Contrast
Leica Lietz Dmrb Phase Contrast Microscope With 3 Objectives And 2 Eye Pieces
Wild Swiss 50x Ph Dark Phase Objective Microscope Part Optics As Pictured 99-47
Olympus Splan 100x Pl Phase Low Contrast Oil Microscope Objective
Carl Zeiss Microscope Objective Phase Planachromat 16 0.32 Miami
Zeiss Ld Achroplan 20x Korr Phase Ph2 0-1.5 Collar Microscope Objective
Zeiss Apo 100x 1.32 Oil Ph3 Phase Contrast 160mm Tl Microscope Objective
Olympus Lcplanfl 40x .60 Ph2 Fluorite Phase Contrast Microscope Objective
Nikon Cfi Ph2 Dl 40x 0.65 Infinity Phase Microscope Objective
Olympus Uplanfl 40x .75 Ph2 Fluorite Phase Microscope Objective For Bx Ix
Leitz Microscope 40x Phaco3 Oil Phase Contrast Fluorescence Objective
Olympus A40x Pl 0.65 N.a. 1600.17 Phase Contrast Objective
Olympus Microscope Objective Lwd Cd Plan 20x Pl Phase Contrast
Lomo Phase Achr. Objective 70x 123 Water I With Correct Ring Microscope Zeiss
Olympus Microscope Phase Annulus For 20x Objective
Olympus Splan 40x Pl Phase Contrast Microscope Objective
Lomo Phase Objective Ph 20x 040 Microscope Zeiss
New Olympus Hi Flpl100 100x Fluorite Phase Bh Bh2 Bh-2 Microscope Objective
Nikon Cfi Ph1 Adl Plan 10x 0.25 Wd 6.2 Infinity Phase Microscope Objective
Lomo Microscope Objective Phase 20 X 0.40 Rms Mikroskop
Wild Swiss Objective Phase 20x Ph Fluotar Microscope Part Optics 75-b-27
Leitz Wetzlar 170mm 20 0.32 L Phaco 1 Microscope Objective 20x Phase - R38
Zeiss Plan-neofluar 10x .30 Ph1 Phase Contrast Microscope Objective
Nikon Plan 4x Dl Phl Phase Microscope Objective Labophot Optiphot Alphaphot 160m
Leica Hcx Pl Fluotar 63x Oil Ph3 Phase Contrastm25 Microscope Objective
Zeiss Plan Apochromat 63x 1.4 Oil Ph3 Phase Contrast Apo Microscope Objective
Nikon Cfi Plan 10x0.30 Dl Phase Microscope Objective160mm Optiphot Labophot
Lomo Phase Luminiscent Objective For Microscope 10x 0.30 Ph Lum
Optical Microscope Part Unitron Objective Bm Phase Contrast 10x Optics Binb5-32
Leitz Wetzlar 160mm Ef 100.25 Phaco 1 10x Phase Contrast Objective Lens Clean
Leica Microscope N Plan L 40x Phase Contrast Objective With Correction Collar
Lomo Phase Achromat Objective 10x 030 Microscope Zeiss
Lomo Phase Luminiscent Objective For Microscope 40x 0.65 Ph Lum
Aus Jena 40x 0.65 Phv 160 Dual Phase Contrast Microscope Objective
Wild Swiss Objective Phase 100x Ph Fluotar Microscope Part Optics 75-b-26
Nikon Plan Apo 60x Oil Ph3 Dm Phase Cfi Eclipse Microscope Objective
Reichert 1600.17 Phase 20 Dm 0.40 Microscope Objective
Leitz Pv Apo L 40x 170mm Tl Long Wd Phase Contrast Microscope Objective
Lomo Phase Contrast Microscope Set Kf-4 Condenser Objective Eyepiece Filter
Nikon Lwd 40x 0.55 Ph2 Adl Wd 2.1 Phase Contrast Microscope Objective
Zeiss Ec Plan-neofluar 40x 0.75 Ph2 Phase M27 0 Microscope Objective
Microscope Part Objective Leica Phase Contrast 20x Optics As Is Biny5-17
Lomo Phase Lumin Fluor Objective Fl 10x 030 Microscope Zeiss
Zeiss Ph1 100.22 160- 10x Phase Contrast Microscope Objective
Olympus Uplanfl 100x Oil Ph3 Phase Contrast Microscope Objective For Bx Cx Ix
Zeiss Plan 160.35 Ph1 16x Phase Contrast Microscope Objective
Leica Hc Pl Fluotar 20x Ph2 Phase Contrast M25 Microscope Objective
Lomo Microscope Negative Phase Contrast Set Mfa-2 Mikroskop Mfa Rms Objectives
Lomo Objective For Microscope 40x 0.75 Phase Water Immersion Rms
Zeiss Plan Neofluar Ph3 100x 1.30 Microscope Objective 440481 Phase Contrast