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Microscope Used

Standard Medical Laboratory Microscope - Used - Good Condition
Swift M10 Binocular Microscope With Lcd Screen
Nikon S Type Microscope With Transformer
Bausch Lomb Stereo Zoom Microscope
Swift Binocular Microscope M3700 Series
Vintage Bausch Lomb Compound Microscope W Eye Pieces Objective Lenses Case
Olympus Sz Series Sz60 Sz-pt Zoom Stereo Microscope. 12800
Nikon Microscope
Leitz Diavert Microscope With Power Supply - Works Great
Wild Heerbrugg M5a Stereo Microscope Head And Body - 6x To 50x
Leica Gz6 Stereo Zoom Microscope Used
National 162 Microscope Laboratory Biology Science 4x 10x 40x 100x Tested
American Optical Reichert One-fifty Microscope
Olympus Cht Ch-2 Binocular Laboratory Microscope 4x 10x 40x 100x Works Perfectly
Leitz Divert Inverted Microscope W Leitz Polaroid Camera  5 Objectives
Used Swift Nine Fifty Series Monocular Microscope - 4x 10x 40x Internal Lamp
Olympus Bh-2 Trinocular Microscope W 4 Objectives
Ao Spencer Microscope With 3 Objectives
Bausch Lomb Stereo Zoom Microscope 0.7 X - 3 X With 10 X Eyepiece Stand Base
Leica Bme Microscope 4x 10x 40x 100x Objectives Mech Stage Fluorescent Light
Unitron Jeweler Gemscope Microscope 14115
Aus Jena Laboval 4 Carl Zeiss Binocular Microscope  W P10 X 18 Eyepieces
Seiler Microlux Binocular Microscope W 4 Objective Lenses - 29575
Olympus Tokyo Ck Inverted Trinocular Microscope
Leitz Wetzlar Germany Microscope Parts. Eyepieces Microscope Head.
Zeiss Microscope 2.5x 10x 40x
Used Carl Zeiss Opmi Pico Dental Microscope F170 Ceiling Mount - Best Price
National Microscope With Swinging Arm No Model Good Working Condition S2591x
Swift Optical 1000 Microscope
American Optical Ao One-fifty Binocular Microscope. Complete Accys Tested
Unitron Fsb 2x-4x Stereo Microscope Stand Light Ring. Tested
American Optical Ao Spencer Stereo Microscope Cycloptic 56j 10x Wf Oculars
Bausch Lomb Stereozoom 4 0.7 To 3x Stereo Microscope 2 Eyepieces. Tested
Olympus Bx40 Pathology Lab Microscope Hitachi Camera 3 Objectives No Cord As-is
Vintage Carl Zeiss Microscope
Olympus Sz2-st Base And Stand Sz-st Microscope
Vintage Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Microscope W 3 Objectives
Amscope 1x 3x  Microscope With Boom Stand No Eyepieces
Olympus Trinocular Stereo Microscope W Articulated Boom Arm Base Sz61 Used
Nikon Inverted Microscope W 2 Objectives
Bausch Lomb Microscope Lens Lot
Carl Zeiss Standard 18 Microscope Stand
Leica Stereo Zoom 4 Microscope With 10x Bl Eyepieces Light
Bausch Lomb Stereozoom 4 Microscope Head W10x Eyepieces-0.7x-3x
Science Microscope Ssz-2 W Light Source.
Bausch Lomb Stereo Zoom 7 Microscope Camera 10xw.f. Stereo Lens
Zeiss Microscope W Leica Dfc 290 Camera
Hensoldt Wetzlar Field Microscope Rare
Amscope Binocular Lab Compound Microscope With 3d Mechanical Stage Led
Leica Stratalab Binocular Microscope W 3 Objectives 4x 10x 40x
Leica M500 Surgical Microscope
Amscope Illuminator Science Student Microscope And Accessories 63 Piece
Edmund Scientific Microscope Wf20x Eyepiece W Stand
Nikon Smz1 Stereo Zoom Microscope Head
Nikon Alphaphot- 2 Ys2-t Microscope Cda
Olympus Szh Stereo Research Microscope
Amscope Trinocular Microscope  Geat Shape
Bausch Lomb Stereo Zoom 4 Microscope
Nikon Binocular Microscope Laboratory W 4x 10x 40x 100x Objectives Filter
Bausch Lomb Stereo Zoom 4 Microscope
Nikon Alphaphot - 2 Ys2 Microscope With 4 Objectives 20
Celestron Cosmos Lcd Handheld Digital Microscope
Bush Lomb Microscope Stereo Zoom Boom Base Loc6721
Stereo Microscope   23
Olympus Ch2 Microscope
Carl Zeiss Binocular Laboratory Microscope W Kpl W10x18 Lens R610x
Zeiss Desktop Stereo Microscope
Lomo Stereo Microscope Mbc-10 W Light Source
Olympus Ch Trinocular Microscope Phase Contrast 5 Objectives 4102040100
Leitz Sm-lux Binocular Microscope With 4 Lens - Germany
American Optical Spencer Laboratory Microscope With Transformer
 Nikon Smz-1 Stereo Zoom Microscope Head P32
Nikon Diaphot Phase Contrast Inverted Microscope
Bausch And Lomb Stereo Zoom 4 Microscope
Nikon S Type Microscope
Olympus Sz-iii Stereo Microscope And Olympus Microscope 35mm Camera C-35ad-2
Carson Mm-840 Eflex 75x300x Usb Digital Microscope - Used
Luxo Microscope
Omano Stereo Microscope With Surface Illumination
Wild Heerbrugg M5a Microscope Head
Zeiss Icm-405 Inverted Microscope
Nikon Microphot-fxa Research Microscope Parts Only
American Optical Spencer 1036 Laboratory Microscope W Illuminator Transformer
American Scientific Microscope
 Bausch Lomb Stereozoom 7 Microscope Binocular Head
Olympus Sz Stereozoom Microscope Head W2eyepiece Sz-stp Focus Mount Holder
Meiji Emz-2 Stereo Zoom Microscope
Aven Binocular Stereo Microscope Boom Stand
Great Used Meiji Dental Medical Laboratory Microscope Machine - Best Price
Zeiss Stemi 2000-c Stereo Microscope
Bausch Lomb Stereozoom Sz-6 Photo Microscope W Lens T73008
Wild M20 Binocular Microscope
L W Scientific Paragon Microscope
Nikon Labophot Microscope Binocular Cfw10x Lens Objective Condenser Light Stage
Optifocus Compound Biological Microscope Semi-plan Objectives Used Complete
Stereo Zoom Microscope 0.7x-4.5x
Leica Dmls Dual Head Laboratory Microscope
Meiji Emt Gemt 2 Microscope
Olympus Opelco Chs Ch-2 Microscope 214526
Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Binocular Microscope Light Sourceeyepiecescondenserturret