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Microscope Used

Amscope Microscope Great Condition Used
Swift Series 3200 Monocular Electric Microscope M3200 W 4x 10x 40x Objectives
Ao American Optical Forty 43-3 Binocular Inspection Microscope Wlight
Nikon Smz-2 Stereo Zoom Microscope With Base - Working Condition
National 162 Microscope Laboratory Biology Science 4x 10x 40x 100x Tested
Amscope H800-96s-af1 Industrial Inspection Zoom Monocular Microscope Stand Only
Bausch Lomb Stereozoom 7 Microscope
Nikon Lab Microscope With 4 Objectives
Vintage Ao American Optical Spencer Stereo Microscope With Case Us Military
Vtg Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Germany Pocket Field 6x Microscope With Measurement Rule
Amscope Biological Microscope 40x-1000x.
Premier Lab Microscope Model Xsz-io7bn M100
Nikon S Type Microscope With Transformer
Bausch Lomb Stereo Zoom 4 Microscope With Adjustable Boom Arm 15x Eyepieces
Nikon Alphaphot Ys Microscope With 4 Objectives
Labomed Cxl Microscope With 4 Objectives
American Optical Stereo Microscope Spencer Forty
Bausch Stereo Zoom Dissecting Microscope With Cold Light Source
Leica Cambridge Stereozoom Sz-4 Microscope With Eyepieces
American Optical Fifty Binocular Laboratory Microscope - Good Cond.
Bausch And Lomb Stereo Microscope
American Optical Ao One-fifty Binocular Microscope. Complete Accys Tested
Nikon Smz645 Stereo Zoom Microscope - C-w10xa22 Eyepieces   Kp
Unitron Toolmaker Microscope Stand Tms-1878
National Microscope With Swinging Arm No Model Good Working Condition S2591x
Vintage Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Laboratory Microscope Germany Wcase Plus Look
American Optical Ao One-hundred Microstar Binocular Microscope Accys. Tested
Unitron Fsb 2x-4x Stereo Microscope Stand Light Ring. Tested
Bausch Lomb Stereozoom 4 0.7 To 3x Stereo Microscope 2 Eyepieces. Tested
Vintage Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Microscope With 4 Objectives Germany
Nikon Smz645 0.8x To 5x 6.31 Ratio Stereozoom Microscope. Tested
Zeiss El- Einsatz Axioskop Microscope
Nikon Labophot-2 Microscope Dual Head Teaching Microscope. Tested
Bausch And Lomb 2x Microscope No Eyepieces R938x
Reichert Microstar Iv Model 410 15x W.f. Eyepieces Binocular Microscope
Olympus Trinocular Stereo Microscope W Articulated Boom Arm Base Sz61 Used
Scienscope Ssz 6.7x To 45x Mag Stereozoom Trinocular Microscope. Tested
Riehert Microscope
Parco Upright Binocular Laboratory Microscope W 4x 10x 40x Objectives
Olympus Ch Chbs Stereo Binocular Microscope W 4 Objectives Biology Veterinary
Leica Stratalab Binocular Microscope W 2objectives 10x 40x
Bausch Lomb Flat Field Binocular Microscope
Great Used Carl Zeiss Opmi Pico Dental Microscope For Oral Surgery Magnification
Leitz Laborlux D Microscope
Reichert Microstar Iv Laboratory Microscope 410 Wobserver Arm Model 1982
Nikon Alphaphot - 2 Ys2 Microscope With 4 Objectives 3
Olympus Microscope Bh2-rfl-t3 Mercury Power Supply
American Optical Forty Ao 40 Stereo Microscope Binocular 10x 20x Tested
Nikon S Type Microscope
Olympus Cx31 Microscope
Cambridge Monocular Microscope Includes 4x10x40x Objectives
Olympus Bhbhm Microscope With Trinocular Head
Swift Microscope Stereo Eighty Binocular 10x15.5mm Swivels 4 Objectives 2 Light
Seiler Opm 150-f Dental Lab Microscope For Inspection Under Magnification
Carl Zeiss Binocular Laboratory Microscope W Kpl W10x18 Lens R610x
American Optical Spencer Trinocular Microscope Head
Nikon S Type Microscope Ser11251
C143656 Stereo Zoom Microscope 0.75x-3.5x W Wf10x Eyepieces Boom Stand
Ao American Optical One-fifty 150 Binocular Microscope 3 Objectives - Used
Olympus Binocular Microscope Bhbhm W Four Objectives And Vertical Illuminator
Scienscope Microscope Boom Stand Laboratory
Meiji Metal Microscope 35801 With Working Light 3 Objectives
American Optical 569 Stereo Zoom Microscope .7x-3x 10x Wf Eyepieces Boom Stand
Fisher Scientific - Compound Microscope
Leica Cme 1349521x Binocular Microscope With 4 Objectives 4x10x40x100x
American Optical Stereo Star Zoom Microscope 0.7x To 3.0x With Base Ao 569
Bausch And Lomb Stereo Zoom 4 Microscope
Nikon Smz-1 Lab Adjustable Stereo Microscope Head Unit W 0.7x Lens Holder 2
Swift Srl Monocular Microscope - 4x10x40x100x - Used
Laboratory Microscope 210113
Amscope 20x-40x-80x Watchmakers Dual Light Binocular Stereo Microscope
Microscope Lw Scientific Student Observer Series
Free Shipping Swift Instruments Microscope W Light 2 Objectives Lenses Sm-80
Olympus Sz Stereozoom Microscope Head W2eyepiece Sz-stp Focus Mount Holder
Motic Smz-168 Microscope
Olympus Cht Ch-2 Ch-bi45-2 Binocular Microscope 4 Objectives W Light Source
Vintage Olympus Elgeet Greenough-style Dual Objectives 2x 4x Stereo Microscope
Leitz Sm-lux Binocular Microscope With 4 Lens - Germany
Vintage Olympus Sz Series Stereo Microscope Stereozoom W Base Stand Binocular
Vintage Bausch Lomb Microscope Brass Iron
Nikon Microscope With Wooden Case
American Optical Spencer Binocular Microscope 4x 10x 40x 100x Complete Slides
American Optical Ao 569 Stereo Star Zoom Microscope 0.7x-3.0x 10x Wf Eyepieces
Olympus Japan Mf Type Binocular Microscope W Stage No Objectiveseyepieces
Amscope 1x 3x  Microscope With Boom Stand No Eyepieces
American Optical Microstar One-ten Microscope
 American Optical One-fifty Laboratory Microscope With Three Objectives
Microscope Boom Stand In Great Shape
Scienscope Ssz Binocular Microscope.
Leica Cme 1349521x Binocular Microscope W 3 Objectives 4x10x40x
Parco Ltm Fluorescent Monocular Compound Student Microscope W 3 Objectives
Zeiss Standard Binocular Microscope W Achromat Objective Eyepieces
Inspection Microscope Zoom Monocular C-mount
Vintage Nikon Ms Laboratory Adjustable Inverted Microscope System W 1x Optic
Nikon Eclipse E200 Microscope 4 Objectives
Olympus Vt-ii Stereo Microscope 10x And 20x Magnification Power 309-10
Vintage Nikon Microscope Made In Japan Stand 10x Magnifier
Nikon Alphaphot 2 Ys2 Binocular Upright Laboratory Microscope W4 Objectives
Zeiss Standard Binocular Microscope W Darkfield Condensor And Base
Wild M8 Stereo Zoom Microscope Body

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