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Warranty Tecan Infinite M200 Nanoquant Absorbance Microplate Reader
Tecan A-5082 Spectra Micro Plate Reader 2848 Wt D
Sigma Diagnostics 2601 Microplate Washer
Bio-tek Elx50 Microplate Reader B1
Molecular Devices Emax Precision Microplate Reader E Max Laboratory
Bio-tek Instruments - Powerwave X Select Microplate Reader
Biotek Biostack Microplate Stacker
Molecular Devices Spectramax Plus 384 Microplate Reader
Tecan Te-shake Microplate Shaker Orbital Base 30081238
Labsystems Multiskan Microplate Reader
Bio-tek Elx800 Microplate Reader
Dynex Dynatech Laboratories Mrx Microplate Reader Revelation
Biotek Microplate Reader Elx800 Tested Working
Bio-tek El 312e Bio-kinetics Microplate Reader
Biotek Biostack Microplate Stacker
Titertek Map-c2 Microplate Washer-stacker No Software
Tecan Bio-rad Bio-plex Pro Ii Microplate Washer 30034377 W Carrier
Thermo Microplate Bca Protein Assay Kit - Reducing Agent Compatible Prod 23252
Molecular Spectratest Validation Plate Package Microplate Spectrophotometers
Berthold Technologies Accessories Kit Software For Mithras Microplate Reader
Titertek Map Microplate Assay Processor Model 51017 Wscanner
Dynatech Laboratories Microplate Reader Very Nice
Warranty Tecan Infinite F200 Fluorescent Microplate Reader Software Laptop
Tecan Sunrise Microplate Absorbance Reader With Xfluor V4.51 Software And Manual
Bmg Labtech Fluostar Optima Microplate Reader
Modified Tecan 10613031 Style Carrier 384 Well Microplate 3-position Landscape
Vitl Vts Variable Temperature Microplate Heat Sealer V901009
Bio-tek Instruments Ceres 900 Hdi Automated Microplate Reader
Biotek Elx405 Select Cw Microplate Washer Elx405ucw
Tecan Bio-rad Biorad Bio-plex Pro Ii Microplate Wash Washer Station Carrier
Biotek El808 Ultra Microplate Reader Bio-tek El-808
Tecan Sunrise Microplate Reader Remote W Qc Pac 2 W Magellan --- Elisa Assays
Molecular Devices Versamax Tunable Microplate Reader
Tecan Microplate Carrier 3 Position Fixed Position Deckware Mtp
Molecular Devices Versa Max Tunable Microplate Reader 3.13 15349 E44
Tecan Ultra 384 Microplate Reader
Aid Elispot Reader Elisa Microplate Reader 96-well Cytokine Assay
Tecan Microplate Carrier 3 Position Low Profile Fixed Position Deckware 10612624
Molecular Devices E Max Precision Microplate Reader
Bio-rad 680 Microplate Reader Warranty
Bio-rad Benchmark Microplate Reader Warranty
Molecular Devices Emax Kinetic Microplate Reader
Bio-tek Instruments El311 Multi Outputparameter Automated Microplate Reader
Bio-tek Valve Module For Microplate Washer
Molecular Devices Microplate Washer Skanwasher 400
Thermo Electron Corporation Multidrop 384 Plus Titertek Titan Microplate Stacker
Tecan Spectrafluor Plus Microplate Reader F129005
Molecular Devices R8024 Spectraplate Uv Transparent Quartz 96 Well Microplate
Genomic Solutions Microplate Chiller Chiller Plate - Tested Working Excellent
Molecular Devices Aquamax 2000 Microplate Washer
Molecular Devices Synchromax Et Microplate Stacker
Tecan 96pw Microplate Plate Microplate Washer
Biotek Biostack Biostack2wr Microplate Stacker Unit2
Packard Topcount Nxt Microplate Scintillation Luminescence Counter W Chiller
Beckman Hypercyt Microplate Cell Transfer W Peristaltic Pump Liquid Handler
Bio-tek Elp40 Elp 40 Microplate Strip Washer
Thermo Microplate Bca Protein Assay Kit - Reducing Agent Compatible 23252
Biotek Elx800 Ft Absorbance Microplate Reader Elx800 Bio Tek - Free Shipping
Bio-rad 680 Microplate Reader Benchmark Excellent Condition
The Lightone Pro Led Microplate Illuminator To Aid In Pipetting Pipette Aid
Nextgen Sciences Baculo Workstation Microplate Handler
Skantron Skan Washer Model 300 W Stacker - Microplate Washer
Biotek Powerwave Xs Absorbance Microplate Reader Laptop Turn Key System Extras
Ips Microplate Incubatorthermostat Bio-radpasteur Diagnosticsmicrotiter Plate
Biorad Ultramark Microplate Imaging System
Packard Lumicount Microplate Reader Bl10000
Tecan 30020290 Service Carrier Microplate 3 Position Landscape Rack Fixed Mtp
Biotek Instruments Elx50 Microplate Strip Washer
Spex Horiba Micromax Spectrofluorometer Microwell 1- Phase Microplate Reader
Cambridge Scientific 7530 Microplate Reader
Thermo Electron Fisher Multiskan Plus Type 355 Microplate Reader
Bio Tek Instruments El 800 Fluorescence Luminescence Microplate Reader
Bio-tek El404 Microplate Washer Waccessories
Hudson Control Group Sn Al-0406 Microplate Barcode Label Applicator Assembly
Tecan Powerwash Pw384 Microplate Washer
Tecan Safire Microplate Reader
Biotek Biostack 2 Microplate Stacker Biostack2
Beckman Coulter Biomek Single Position Alp Microplate Holder Barcode Scanner
Bio-tek Biostack Microplate Stacker
Bio Tek Fl600 Microplate Fluorescence Reader
Molecular Devices Thermomax Microplate Reader
Tecan Microplate Carrier 3 Position For Posid. Mtp Deckware. 10612604
Tecan Spectra Rainbow Microplate Reader A-5002
Whittaker Bioproducts Microplate Reader 2001
Bio-tek El 403h Microplate Auto Washer
Molecular Devices Thermo Max Thermomax Precision Microplate Reader
Packard Lumicount Microplate Reader Bl10000
Thermo Electron Rapidstak F01350 Two Column Microplate Stacker
Skatron Instruments Skan Washer 300 Microplate Washer
Elx800 Universal Microplate Reader Bio-tek Instruments
Dynex Dynatech Laboratories Mrx Microplate Reader Revelation
Bio Rad 550 Microplate Reader
Biotek Elx405uv Elx405 Microplate Washer
Biorad 1575 Immunowash Microplate Washer