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Kimble Kimax 300 Ml Funnel Glass Brand New
Kimble Bomex Graduated Beaker Set 50 100 250 600 1000ml Glass Chemistry Lab
Kimble Kimax Model No. 25285-1000 1000ml Round Bottom Boiling Flask Set Of 2
Lang Companies Warren Kimble Wall Calendar Lang Folk Art By Calendars
Nos Case Of 72 Kimble 16x150mm Culture Tubes Test Tubes Exax Kimax Very Clean
Kimble Ptfe Teflon Color-coded Green Size 29 Flathead Stopper Fits 2942 Joints
Kimble Kimax Kimflow Buchner Funnel 15ml - 20c Course Porosity Fritted Disc
Kimble Cha Seal Clay Sealant Hematrocrit Tubes Sealing Capillary Tube Pliable
Kimble Kimax 16mm X 150mm Screw Cap Glass Test Tube Lot Of 88 With 2 Racks
Kimble Clear Glass 250ml Graduated Media Storage Bottle Screw Cap
Kimble Kimax 1000ml 1l Round Glass Mediastorage Bottle With Cap 14395-1000
2 Kimax Kimble 250 Ml Filtering Flask Side Arm 27060250
New Kimble Kimax-51 Glass Td 2ml In 110 Reusable Class B Mohr Measuring Pipette
Kimble Kimax Glass 50ml Beaded Rim Graduated Conical Erlenmeyer Flask 26500
Kimble 26510-500 Brand New 500 Ml 0.5 L Erlenmeyer Flask 2440 Joint
Kimble Kimax Glass 60ml 40mm Medium M Frit Disc Buchner Filter Funnel 28400
Kimble Kontes Glass 25ml Round Bottom Single Neck Boiling Distilling Flask 1420
Lot Of Two Pieces Kimble Kimax 50ml Tc Volumetric Flask  508
20 Kimble 10ml Class B Glass Plugged Sterile Td Serological Pipets 72100-10110
Lot Of Two Pieces Kimble Kimax 28014-50 50 Ml Volumetric Flask 510
Pack 200 20ml Kimble Screw Thread Glass Vials 60810-2385
Kimble Glass Inc 250ml Erlenmeyer Flask 26500k-250 Case Of 12 New
60am10 Kimble Chase Disp Culture Tubes 10 X 75mm. Lime Glass Qty 1000 A3
Kimble Kimax Glass 250ml Heavy Duty Flat Bottom Conical Erlenmeyer Flask 26500 B
Kimble 8 Oz Conical Pharmaceutical Graduated Cylinder  342
Kimble Kimax Glass 600ml Single-scale Graduated Low Form Griffin Beaker 14000
Kimble Kontes Cytostir 1000ml 1l Glass Bioreactor Spinner Flask Gl-45 Caps
Kimble Chase 8ml Clear Glass Sample Vial 15-425 Ptfe-lined Cap 17mm X 60mm
Bottle Media Stge W Cap Glass 1000pk10 Kimble 14395-1000
Kimble Kimax 58 Deg Angle Glass 55mm Id Short Stem Filling Funnel 12cm Overall
Lot Of 15 Kimble Pyrex Separatory Funnel Ptfe Teflon Stopcock Plugs Glass Tube
Kimble Brand 5mm 1lb Solid Glass Beads For Distillation Columns New
Antique Glass Milk Testing Bottle By Kimble Usa K Sealed 3 005
Kimble Kimax 125ml Filter Suction Flask Lab Chemist Excellent Condition No.27060
Kimble Kimax Glass 58 Degree Angle 45mm Id Short Stem Filling Funnel 28950-45
Kimble Kimax Glass 150ml Standard Duty Graduated Low Form Griffin Beaker 14000
Kimble Kimax 58 Deg Angle Glass Short Stem Funnel Dia 60
Tagging Gun System 1000 Barbs Kimble Tag Label 5 Steel Needles Clothes Retail
Kimble Non-sterile 10ml In 110 Td-ex Serological Glass Pipette 72120-10110
13 Kimax 26500 Pyrex 4980 125ml Flask Erlenmeyer Glass Kimble Graduated
72 Kimble Glass Test Tubes 3ml 10 X 75 Mm Beaded Rim Kimax 45042 New Sealed Box
Kimble Kimax 26650-2000 2000 Ml Wide Mouth Graduated Erlenmeyer Flask  346
Kimble Kontes Glass Distilling Distributor Receiver Y Adapter W Hooks 1420 Jnt
Kimble Kimax 29020-60 Power Addition Funnel New In Box 378
Kimble Kimax Class A 50ml Borosilicate Glass Volumetric Flask Snap Cap 28012
Kimble Kimax Cylindrical Weighing Bottle 15x50mm - Lot Of 6 New
Kimble Kimax Glass Class A Tc To Contain 10ml Volumetric Flask 9 Stopper 28014
Kimble Kimax 58 Deg Long Stem Addition Funnel  375
Kimble Culture Tubes Without Lip Reusable 13 X 100 Mm Box Of 72 Nos
Kimble Chase 40a502 Micro-hematocrit Capillary Tubes Plain 1200 Tubesbox
Culture Tubes Borosilicate Glass By Kimble 13x100mmapprox. 250 Tubes
Vintage Kimble Babcock Milk Test Bottles 8-18 G
Kimble Kontes 30ml Automatic Pipet Teflon Stopcock 2000ml Reservoir Auto Fill
Kimble Kimax Hose Connection Bulb Type Straight Drying Tube  350
Kimble Kimax 14005-600 600 Ml Low Form Heavy Duty Beaker New   303
Kimble Kimax 1922 Vigreux Distilling Column 200mm Drip Tip Chipped 11-301-49
New In Box Kimble Kontes Distillation Column 3 Section 2440 Pn 503100-0003
Kimble Kontes 30ml Automatic Pipet Missing Stopcock 2000ml Reservoir Auto Fill
Kimble Kimax 37002-50 50 Ml Class A Volumetric Transfer Pipet Pipette New 356
Kimble Kontes Glass 10mm Bore 4550 Vacuum Jacketed Stirrer Bearing W Lube Cup
6 Each Kimble Kimax 30ml Tall-form Cylindrical Weighing Bottle Ground Glass Cap
Kimble Kimax Class A Glass 3ml Td Black Volumetric Pipet 37008-3
Kimble Deltaware Glass Fritted Support Base 4035 Jnt 47mm Filtration Apparatus
Kimble Chase 12ml Clear Glass Sample Vial 15-425 Ptfe-lined Cap 19mm X 65mm
New Kimble Kimax Carboy Style Glass Solution Bottle 12 Gallon 45.5l 14950-120
Kimble Kontes 15ml Automatic Pipet Teflon Stopcock 2000ml Reservoir Auto Fill
Kimble 72110-50510 Sterile Disposable Serological Pipets Shorties 50 Ml 5-pack
Kimble Kontes Glass 300mm Graham Condenser Drip Tip Standard Taper 2440 Joints
Kimble Kontes Glass 50ml Td Graduated Buret Straight Bore 2mm Ptfe Stopcock
Kimble Kontes 15ml Automatic Pipet Missing Stopcock 2000ml Reservoir Auto Fill
3 Kimble Kimax 500ml Erlenmeyer Flask No. 26650 Lot Of 3
Kimble Kontes 250ml Rotary Evaporator Bump Trap 2440 4mm Drain Hole 570260-2524
Pellet Pestlereusable15 Ml Kimble 749515-1500
Kimble Kimax 4-way Cow Distillation 50ml Receiver Distribution Adapter 27060
New Kimble 500ml Squibb Separatory Funnel And Ptfe Stopcock 29048f-500
Kimax Kimble 7.5l Borosilicate Glass 250mm Desiccator With Top Knob No Vacuum
Kimble Kimax High Form Griffin Beaker 300 Ml 300ml Brand New Us Shipper 209
Kimble Kimax Carboy Style Glass Solution Bottle 2.5 Gal 9.5l 12 Neck 14950-25
Kimble Kimax Class B 1000ml 1l Glass Single Graduated Cylinder 20024 Chipped
Kimble Kimax Cylindrical Drying Tower 260mm H W Chemglass Stopper 3428 Joint
Kimble Kimax 260mm Tall Cylindrical Drying Tower With 3428 Stopper Chipped
Kimble Kontes 10ml Automatic Pipet Missing Stopcock 1000ml Reservoir Auto Fill
Kimble Kimax Glass 125ml Tall Form Gas Washing Bottle 3428 Stopper Chipped
Kimble Kimax Glass 250ml Pressure-equalizing Addition Funnel Ptfe St 22 2440
Kimble Kimax Glass 30ml Squibb Separatory Funnel W 2mm Ptfe Stopcock 13
Kimble Kontes 2mm Bore Double Oblique Glass Stopcock Plug 14.550
Kimble Kontes 20ml Automatic Pipet Teflon Stopcock 2000ml Reservoir Auto Fill
Kimble Kimax Carboy Style Glass Solution Bottle 3.5 Gal 13.25l 12 Neck 14950-35
Kimble Kimax Glass 500ml Tall Form Gas Washing Bottle 3428 Joint
Kimble Kontes Ultra-ware 2000ml 2l Filtration Filter Flask St 4035 Inner Joint
Kimble Kontes 2440 Joint 50 O-ring Macro Sublimator Condenser W 0-4mm Valve
Kimble 60ml Cylindrical Style Addition Funnel 2440 Ptfe Stpck Chip 634030-0060
Kimble Konte 125ml Graduated Addition Funnel W Pressure Equalizing 634540-0125
Kimble 60931-12 Borosilicate Glass Short Style Shell Vial Case Of 1440
Tagging Gun 5 Steel Needle 1000 Kimble Tag Label System Barbs For Clothes